Sunday 25 October, 2020

The Progressive black girl meme is back and ready for 2021

The year 2020 has not killed 'The Progressive black chic'.

There is a meme or display picture that goes around annually in late-December and it shows a polished, sophisticated looking black woman stepping away from and over obstacles which appeared in the previous year on her way into a new year. She usually goes past negatives and carries a bag full of positives and wins on her journey to start a fresh chapter.

Earlier this year, when COVID-19 first took the world by storm, someone edited the meme photo and turned The Progressive sista back towards 2019, while another edited it and had her tripping and falling. She was bleeding from the head all over the new year 2020. Some even thought her dead saying: "2020 gone and killed our dear sista".

But it's September now, and like a phoenix The Progressive chic is back and stepping ahead to 2021. 

So what has she overcome so far on this almost 10-month journey through the decade of 2020?

According to the new edition, she has bypassed:

  1. Boris - the UK Prime Minister,
  2. Masks,
  3. Coronavirus,
  4. Zoom and
  5. 10pm Curfew.

And now she's carrying PEACE, GOD, LOVE and FOCUS into 2021. The creator may be located in the United Kingdom or wishes to travel and explore somewhere there.

Wherever the creator is based many are just happy to see that she's back.

The edited meme is appearing earlier than usual with three more years, we mean months, still left in 2020, but everyone feels the creator on the caption: "Almost time for Aunty to make her appearance again".

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