Saturday 26 September, 2020

Rain and Bajans: Of these three, which do you say?

Bajans talk about the rain differently.

As soon as dark clouds set up in the sky, Bajans turn into meteorologists. They all react the same, but their language varies.

Here are the three types of Bajans when it comes to rain.

1. De rain down

If you know you know.

2. Rain falling

It's a full answer like 'No'. Why can't they go outside? Rain falling!

3. It's raining

This one is actually used the least.

One time a popular Bajan Disc Jockey laughed on hearing a girl say this. His question was: "You's a Bajan? Wuh Bajan does say, 'It's raining'?"

When it rains what do you say?

De rain down
Rain falling
It's raining

For the month of June so far, Barbados has seen 1.4 mm of rain. June 1 is the official start of the hurricane season. In May, there was 23.9 mm of rain recorded. There has been 0 mm of rain recorded in the past 12 hours (as of 6 am, June 5).

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