Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Reynold Weekes principal satisfied with rollout for first day

Reynold Weekes Primary School on first day of School

Reynold Weekes Primary School on first day of School

The usually full sidewalks of Reynold Weekes Primary that indicate the start the school term were sparse this morning.

This as COVID-19 protocols called for fewer congregating bodies outside and inside the St Phillip School.

Many parents were compliant with the new guidelines calling for them to briefly remain at the gates while students made their way onto the compound.

Students were then met by staff with surgical alcohol and digital non-contact infrared thermometers to ensure proper sanitization and to check temperatures before children went on to their respective classrooms.

It was observed that some parents were not too clear as to what was to obtain this morning, but they relied on the assistance from some staff to clarify the protocols of the school and too complied.

However, the principal of Reynolds Weekes Primary, Anderson Bishop says that overall they are satisfied with the level of safety theu have been able to guarantee parents, students and staff while on the compound.

"So far I am satisfied with how things are going. We have over 400 students at the school and we have divided each class in half. So we have approximately 210 children at the school today. We have physical distancing in the classrooms and I am satisfied that the children are at a minimum of three feet apart. Where the classrooms can accommodate children at six feet apart we are doing that but it is a minimum of three feet. In fact, in most classes, the physical distancing is truly at about four feet," Principal Bishop said.

Reynold Weekes Primary School

Furthermore, Bishop added that he is genuinely satisfied with how the morning has gone as this is very much about acclimating students, parents, and staff to the new normal of school with COVID-19.

"It's a new experience for the children. And the first two weeks, we are actually ensuring that the students are familiar with the protocols. We have a parent who has volunteered to be a monitor. And we also have those staff members who are non-class teachers who have been assigned to ensure that students follow the protocol at the school. The parents are complying with the protocol. So it seems that we are getting the support of the parents and we are genuinely satisfied with the ways in which things have gone so far," Principal Bishop said.

With staggered lunch breaks as well as strict adherence to many of the protocols set out by the ministry, there was a high level of confidence behind how things will proceed for Term 1 of the 2020/21 academic year at the Four Roads, St Phillip-located school.

As school got underway there was still some cleaning of nearby surroundings occurring. During the morning school hours, workers were busily weeding in an attempt to debush across the street from the school's entrance by the pedestrian crossing. A bobcat was used to clear the grass and debris from the drains along the street simultaneously.

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