Sunday 5 April, 2020

Saturday morning's Holetown Festival brings out locals and tourists

Early Sights from Holetown Festival

Early Sights from Holetown Festival

Hundreds of tourists and locals flocked to the early morning portion of the Holetown Festival in its new rebrandee state under the WeGatherin' umbrella.

On Saturday morning the crowds came to enjoy the sights and sounds. 

Many vendors have taken up residence along the grassy areas throughout the St James town, and showcased their offerings of arts and crafts. Of the lot, numerous artisans with handmade and locally made pieces took the opportunity to further boost notice of the extensive wares the country had to offer. 

When Loop visited, some vendors very much felt they were not going to reap dividends in the early morning but as one vendor put it, things were still "early going yet." 

One other vendor who also preferred to remain nameless, said they were wary of sales on a whole as they felt the patrons would be more inclined to browse and take in the sights of the Festival. 

With a large amount of clothing, plants, handmade toiletries and crafts to choose from, locals and visitors alike who are gathering in Holetown will have much to see at this year's Festival along the Platinum coast. 

Holetown Festivals Sights

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