Thursday 9 July, 2020

Say hello to Kingston 62, celebrate Jamaica’s Independence

Meet Kingston 62 Jamaican Gold White Rums. (Photos: Contributed)

Meet Kingston 62 Jamaican Gold White Rums. (Photos: Contributed)

Kingston 62 is the moniker ascribed to Appleton Special products on the shelves today (June 30).

The new labels take on a vintage aesthetic that represents “an ode to the storied history of Jamaica's independence”.

But, what about the black, green, and gold? Brand Jamaica is not a hard sell; why change the labels?

The announcement of Kingston 62 was made at the launch of the 2020 Jamaica Rum Festival. SEE FLASHBACKS HERE.

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There was, reportedly, a lot of confusion among the brands, particularly on the international scene.

However, the Appleton Estate team confirmed they don’t want consumers to confuse Appleton Estate rum with their other premium rums.

That’s about to change with Kingston 62. Loop Lifestyle had a few questions and the Appleton team provided the answers.

Marsha Lumley, marketing director – Jamaica and the Caribbean, J Wray & Nephew, underscored the importance of reintroducing the Appleton Special as Kingston 62.

"The reintroduction of Appleton Special as Kingston 62 is part of our ongoing efforts to allow Appleton to maintain its distinctiveness and live solely in our Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum line of premium aged rums.”

Why was Appleton Special discontinued or changed?

Appleton Special and Appleton White were discontinued to allow the ‘Appleton’ name to live solely on our premium rum collection: Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum.

Kingston 62 replaces both brands globally as Campari Group’s primary standard rum proposition.

Moreso, the Kingston 62 name, proposition and packaging design celebrate the storied history of Jamaica’s independence and the great pride of our people.

Why the association with Kingston?

That’s simple. Kingston represents the heartbeat of Jamaica: The music, fashion and the arts. It’s Jamaica’s capital and served as the venue for the ceremony and celebration of our independence from the British on August 6th, 1962.

What does the 62 symbolise?

Simply put, ‘62’ represents the year 1962 when Jamaica gained its independence from the United Kingdom.

What does the lion symbolise?

The Kingston 62 lion symbolises the strength, courage and pride of the Jamaican people.

It’s these attributes that have made Jamaicans resilient since 1962 when independence from the United Kingdom was gained.

Our lion embodies the confident swagger of our brand, as well as the country and the people that it celebrates.

Is the Liquid of Kingston 62 the same as Appleton Special/White?

Yes, both liquids are identical, the differences lie within the brand name and packaging.

The price for Kingston 62 is the same as previous selling price and recommended retail price of the Appleton Special and Appleton White rums.

“The rebranding of Appleton Special to Kingston 62,” Lumley continued, “is an ode to the storied history of Jamaica's independence and represents the strength, pride and courage of our resilient nation.

“It is the same liquid that consumers locally and globally have loved since its entrance to the market. The confident swagger of Kingston 62 is sure to appeal to loyal Appleton Special drinkers as well as create affinity among new drinkers.”

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