Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Scott Ames wants to inspire Barbadians to get out of the box

Scott Ames' Bento Box is ready to open

Scott Ames' Bento Box is ready to open

Most Bajans may not know the name Scott Ames but his Bento Box sushi brand has made a name for itself.

As a popular on-the-go-sushi option, Bento Box has been supplying to a wide variety of outlets out of Scott's kitchen for over a decade.

Now, at a time when some businesses are struggling to reopen, due to COVID-19, Ames has taken the bold step to open his very first Bento Box restaurant. It is located in the heart of Warrens, in the Williams One Building. 

The chef thinks now is the time not just to stabilize Barbados but for the island to flourish.

"I think it is really good in Barbados for people right now to see people opening up and people doing positive things. The COVID gave a lot of us such a big clout right in the middle of the season and it shut a lot of places down. I would say about 4/5 of the chefs in Barbados are unemployed right now,"  Ames said.

Scott has been a chef for thirty years, twenty of those while residing and working in Barbados. He has created a name for himself as one of the most reliable, innovative and creative chefs on the island.  

Bento Box

"I came here with my surfboard. I was a little thing with no hair on my head and just went surfing every day and cooked food in the evening...and now I got three little businesses popping along," Scott Ames said of his progress.

Like others in food and dining, Scott was forced to modify his business model during the lockdown. He believes this was a blessing in disguise as many businesses were forced to reflect on how they operated and had to reinvent themselves. He thinks this will be the key to success for many businesses in the country.

"I suppose in a way we were going off on such a tangent that to suddenly stop and have a couple of months to reflect on 'If you ever had a chance to do it again how would you do it?'...And that was the biggest thing for all of us. We all got a chance to do just that," Ames stated.

Now, he and his team are ready to open at full steam. Even with precautions still in place due to COVID-19, he is determined to thrive.

"I want people to come into my kitchen and feel the passion that we have for our food. My staff love what they do and I love what I do. And realize we hunt for the best product we can find. You're not just gonna come out and find some generic vegetables in the window. Everything is hand-picked and hand sourced by me," Scott stated.

He believes he is offering a fun, high-quality product that can invigorate and inspire others and he and his team at Bento Box are poised to do just that.

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