Monday 19 October, 2020

Shanice is enjoying every moment parenting Jediah, 7, Roblox and all

Shanice and J

Shanice and J

Describe your son is three words.

Smartmouth, honest, expensive!

That's Jediah Greaves in a nutshell according to his loving mum Shanice Connell. Oh, and fun though that makes four!

Jediah, affectionately known to his mother as 'J' or 'Jewish', has a friend in his mother. 

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While many mothers are pulling out their hair and going insane spending time daily with their children because schools are closed due to COVID-19, in this house little has changed. This bond has always been strong and not even a global pandemic can shake it.

"As my son got older, parenting got a little more difficult as he now understands what’s going on around him.

"But parenting during COVID-19 hasn’t got any more different for me as I was already doing what I needed to in terms of his education."

Accustomed helping with homework and checking in with teachers, homeschooling was an easy next step for this duo.

But all day every day isn't a focus on books and schoolwork, with beaches having reopened on Monday, May 4, these two can return to one of their favourite past times - going to the beach especially the Sandy Lane Beach. What else do they do as mother and son? Laughing Shanice said: "Matching outfits, play Roblox which I'm still learning, we go to the beach, we like to sing and make bakes and eggs." 

Two peas in a pod, Loop asked Shanice what about J reminds her of herself. What could she without a shadow of a doubt say her son got from her.

Laughing again, and without missing a beat, she said: "His smart mouth . . . the way he speaks and how he speaks."

And that said, she stressed that J knows he can always tell her the truth. "I make sure to let him know to speak up, never let anyone intimidate you. Stand your ground and stick by your word! Most importantly be respectful.

"I make sure to speak to him straight up. If he asks about something I let him know how this world works and he must stay the decent young boy he is."

Shanice has no intention of letting J fall between the cracks, whether it be in the education system or Bajan society on the whole.

So besides gaining a small friend by way of motherhood and her son, Loop asked how else did J impact her life over the past seven years. "The way I spend, how I go about life and the friends I keep." With a big smile, she added: "He’s expensive!"

Seeming to have very similar personalities and character traits, Loop closed the interview by asking Shanice what happens when she and her small human faces off with their opinions. Laughing she admitted: "As I said, he has a smart mouth so his responses shock me sometimes," but he knows his limit.

At the end of the day, J and Shanice are friends, but he knows she's his mum and she won't ever put him wrong.

Happy Mother's Day!

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