Monday 10 August, 2020

Slow and steady weight loss key to keeping weight off

Losing weight is challenging and while it is easy to fall for the lose weight quick schemes, new research is proving that slow and steady is the best way to shed the pounds. 

Results of a weight loss study in Obesity journal, shows that when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off in the long run, a slower approach is best. 

The study was conducted at Drexel University where Emily H. Feig, PhD and Michael R. Lowe, PhD, recorded data from 183 people who went through a year-long behavioral weight loss program.

The study measured how much the participants’ weight changed over time and how it corresponded to their overall weight loss. They found that those who had greater weight loss between 6 and 12 weeks of the program lost less weight overall by the end of the year.

“It seems that developing stable, repeatable behaviours related to food intake and weight loss early on in a weight control program is really important for maintaining changes over the long term,” said lead author Emily Feig, a psychologist and former graduate student at Drexel.

The study found that successful weight loss maintainers have typically reported consistent daily diets, with higher consistency associated with less weight regain.

The report said that these findings are in line with the strategy taught in most behavioral weight control programs: eating a similar amount with similar timing each day.


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