Monday 30 November, 2020

Smooth Common Entrance at Deighton Griffith according to officials

Students and parents warmly greeting after the sitting of the common entrance exam

Students and parents warmly greeting after the sitting of the common entrance exam

Calm and order prevailed over Deighton Griffith Secondary for Common Entrance Day 2020.

Parents were at the gates of the Christ Church located school with all attention focused on the 200 children sitting the exam.

The principal of Deighton Griffith Secondary, Anthony Alleyne, told Loop News that five primary schools were sitting the exam today on the premises: Luther Thorne, Gordon Walters, Vauxhall, Wills, and St Bartholomew's.

Alleyne said he was satisfied with the preparations made today by him and his team.

"This morning went very smoothly actually. We've been preparing since last week," he said.

He said that the preparations included: "Increased numbers of persons at the level of security trying to get the children settled and in quickly, coordination with the primary schools for better identification of the various students and having all of our staff here on deck from very, very early. So we were able to get the children into the school quickly, get them have their temperatures checked, name-checked off and into the rooms for the actual exam."

At that point in time, ahead of the 9 am start of the exam, he said: "They're all settled right now and we're happy." 

Despite the COVID-19 protocols, he shared that for him this year was no different than any other and that overall there were no challenges.

Wills Primary School Principal, Julia Franklin said they expected a far more hectic day for their 28 students sitting the exam at Deighton Griffith.  

"Obviously, we had a lot of anxieties because we weren't sure. This is different, you know? On top of the normal anxieties...but it wasn't bad at all. So we're pleased," Franklin said.

At the ringing of the bell at 1 pm, teachers and parents breathed a sigh of relief.

Parents flocked to the gates and waited for their kids, this time again abandoning social distancing but at least wearing masks.  

Merna and her daughter Michaela Carter were happy that the exam was now behind them. Michaela said she's looking forward to relaxing and with hopes that she is headed to The St Michael School.

Two other students  Indica Kezer and Yakim Clarke from Vauxhall Primary  also echoed that the exam was "fairly easy", but after process, they just wanted to go home and sleep.

Congrats to all the students who took part today and Loop News hope you all get the rest and results you deserve.

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