Tuesday 14 July, 2020

Solidarity Protest for George Floyd planned in Barbados

NYC protesters (AP)

NYC protesters (AP)

The death of African American George Floyd has sparked protests the world over and Bajans are adding their voices to the outcry.

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To show their solidarity, some Barbadians have taken part in online protests, using various hashtags and photos, while others have opted to make donations to various organisations which lend financial support to on-the-ground protesters and community organisers within the United States.

However, some locals wish to take it a step further. Those with family and friends directly impacted by racial violence and protests in the US feel the need to stage their own peaceful protests.

The Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration (CMPI) recently issued a notice saying they have applied to the Royal Barbados Police Force to hold a protest in solidarity with African communities affected by racial violence in the United States.

This action is scheduled to take place next to the United States Embassy in Barbados on June 6 at 11 am.

Protest request by David Denny

General Secretary of the CMPI, David Denny informed Loop News that the organization intends to hold a peaceful protest aimed at showing solidarity with those affected by racial violence in the United States, as well as racism in Barbados and the region.

"We're looking to organize a protest outside the American Embassy bringing together progressive forces in Barbados including some Barbadian people so we can demonstrate against the racist behavior that is happening in the United States of America and the police killing of Black people. This protest action will be to express our solidarity with our family in the United States of America and also to highlight racism in Barbados, and we are joining with other organizations across the globe in this regard," Denny said.

Denny explained that The Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration was established 11 years ago and is based in Barbados. Working alongside other progressive forces in the Caribbean and the Latin American region, the organization is focused on peace, Caribbean integration, and human rights.

He also stated that the organization intends to call on Caricom to speak out and condemn the killing of George Floyd, as well as the racist killings and actions against all Caribbean nationals and African Americans in the United States.

"We are calling on Caribbean Governments to speak out against these kinds of racist behaviors, against the Caribbean nationals and other African peoples that are in the United States of America. We are also calling on Caricom to condemn the killing of George Floyd, a Black American who was murdered by the police. We believe Caricom has a duty to condemn this kind of action because we have many Caribbean people living in the United States of America and I think this kind of behavior poses a threat to Caribbean people," Denny said.

Denny advised that while his organization has proceeded with protest preparations it is still awaiting approval from the authorities. It is expected that they will be granted permission in the coming days.

In terms of the current pandemic, Denny said he intends to adhere to the social distancing protocols established by the Ministry of Health.

"We are not going to invite persons to participate in an activity where they will not adhere to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health and we will also make sure that everybody respects social distancing," the CMPI General Secretary stated.

Outside of this protest action, CMPI plans to coordinate with Pan Africanists and socialists in the Caribbean region to discuss what is unfolding in the United States so as to formulate plans of how best additional expressions of solidarity can be demonstated, both here and abroad.

Those looking for more information can contact David Denny on Facebook, email him at ahsaki66@hotmail.com or call 2864052/5465697.

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