Monday 30 November, 2020

St Lucy MP mourns constituent's tragic death in flood waters

Yohance Johnson

Yohance Johnson

The floods in St Lucy have not only increased in their frequency but their severity, as last weekend's flooding ended deadly claiming the life of Yohance Johnson.

A St Lucy resident, born and raised, the 21-year-old was well-known by the Member of Parliament for St Lucy Peter Phillips.

The vehicle in which Johnson was travelling in on Saturday, November 14 was pushed off the road into a ravine by the force of rushing flood waters. It is reported that the water started to fill the car's cabin and washed him out of the vehicle and washed away into a gully at Lamberts, St Lucy. 

Police from the District E Station responded to the scene and on arrival carried out certain initial investigations. Two fire tenders from the Barbados Fire Service also responded to the scene.

Emergency personnel conducted a joint search and rescue operation within the immediate area and after nothing was found a decision was made to extend the search area along the natural watercourse.

Almost four hours after the incident was reported and emergency responders responded, personnel discovered the lifeless body of Johnson about one mile along the watercourse away from where the vehicle was washed away in the area of Date Tree Hill, St Peter.

Speaking to Loop News, Phillips said:

"I've known Yohance all his life as he would've grown up and lived in my hometown district of Pie Corner [in St Lucy] and also attended the same church Bennett's Temple UHC, of which I am a member. I would've also been involved with the Parish Independence Committee when he was Parish Ambassador in 2019.

"I am deeply saddened by his untimely passing in such unfortunate circumstances."

Phillips added, "I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family, the members of St Lucy P I C [Parish Independence Committee], his friends and the entire Pie Corner community.

"Let us draw strength from each other as we navigate these difficult waters at this time."

Torn about the death of Johnson, Phillips said that he is now more than ever concerned about the type of flooding happening and its impact on his home parish. Phillips pointed out that Johnson's death in this 2020 flood comes almost one year to the day after horrible floods had a devastating impact on the constituency back in November 2019. He said: "We would've experienced flooding in St. Lucy exactly one year and five days from the incident on Saturday."

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