Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Things Bajans want on Drake's next album

Drake at Rihanna Drive

Drake at Rihanna Drive

Now that Drake, real name Aubrey Graham has demonstrated his love for Barbados over the last few days, what else is there to do but anticipate some Barbadiana in his next project.

Here are six Bajan things we want on Drake's next album.

A Lil Rick Feature
There is nobody like Chihuahua Business aka Boardface aka The Ugly Man aka Lil Rick aka Ricardo Reid. If Drake puts him on the record it is officially Bim Time everywhere, even if it is just to hear him talk on the intro.

Ninja Man on the Cover
Nothing is more iconically Barbadian at this point in history than a picture of Ninja Man. Everyone else in the world may be confused but we would know that Drake truly gets how important he is to the mythos of Barbados.

A lyric where he describes something like a Cuzz Cutter
An endorsment in a lyric about how great something is or how it is as good as a Cutter from Cuzz would definitely be top tier Bajan vibes though.

Mole singing on a hook
The power this would have and the elegance of hearing DADDY NOW LAND on an OVO production is so necessary right now.  

An Edwin Yearwood Sample from 'A Voice In My Head'
A Voice In My Head is one of Edwin's most amazing songs and it deserves to be interpolated so it can win a Grammy. And if this is how it happens then we can take it.

A picture of himself looking out over Farley Hill.
Who hasn't taken in the majestic views from Farley Hill? Views From the 246 has a nice ring to it as well.

We can only wait and see what he comes up with for the next project. Who knows it may be an entire Ode to Barbados.

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