Saturday 28 November, 2020

Travel Tuesday: Two girls, one Tulum getaway

Kristene Douglas (left) and her best friend Rochelle Buddan lounge by the pool at the Playacar Palace resort in Mexico. (Photos: Contributed)

Kristene Douglas (left) and her best friend Rochelle Buddan lounge by the pool at the Playacar Palace resort in Mexico. (Photos: Contributed)

Travel is always fun, and when you get the chance to explore with friends, best case scenario: it’s one for the books.

Tourism and hospitality professional Kristene Douglas and her bestie Rochelle Buddan ventured to Tulum, Mexico, for ‘a fabulous Dirty Thirty’ birthday celebration.

The trip was ‘quite pleasurable’, according to Douglas, who had only one complaint about Mexico: eco-toilets!

loopnewsbarbados İViva la Mexico!

With plenty of tips for anyone planning to take the Tulum plunge, Douglas shares her #TravelTuesday below.

Jamaicans in Mexico!

If you love ‘livin’ La Vida Loca’ then you can understand why five days in Mexico were no problemo!

A fabulous ‘Dirty Thirty’ getaway for a close friend and I took place at the more laidback, countryside of Mexico: Playa del Carmen.

Though I travel often, this was my first time outside the ‘US of A’ and my experience was nothing short of memorable.

Playa del Carmen was a breath of fresh, adventurous air, not too far from adaptable, for an island-girl.

I’m a big-time foodie so indulging on any trip is a must for me. Two simple Mexican belly-fulls’ that I highly recommend trying are:

- Mexican omelettes are unlike any I’ve ever had before — so loaded and delicious.

- Fish Tacos? Yes, please! Tacos taste way better in Mexico! — Synonymous with jerked chicken and Jamaica.

For a good time in Mexico, go here!

If you’re going bar-hopping try the Lime Margarita and Jamaican Hibiscus water or head to Señor Frog’s (kinda like Margaritaville) for more drinks and an even greater time!

Considering this gorgeous ‘no visa needed’ location as your next vacay spot? Based on my experience here are a few things to bear in mind:

1 It’s good to know basic Spanish – so you may want to jot down how to ask for directions.

2 No matter how boring it may sound, try to visit at least one or as many historical sites as you can.

3 Research currency! Find out what those Mexican Pesos are capable of and budget accordingly.

4 Typically, local markets mark-up the prices for tourists, so don’t be afraid to bargain.

5 Locals in the tourist area are soo friendly. Don’t be afraid of speaking to them.

6 Don’t be afraid to try new foods and venture outside of your resort. This simple idea turned our experience all the way up!

Apart from the breathtaking landscape views, some of the most memorable things about Mexico included the beautiful, carefree exotic animals that are seen roaming the streets on any given day.

Monkeys, Jaguars, Mexican Agouti’s... crazy, right? I put this as my ‘top shocker’, right next to the drug dealers who offer you a few ‘rounds’ hoping you buy a few rounds, watch out for them! 

You should visit Mexico if you’re looking for a combination of fun, sun and scrumptious food.

Not feeling Mexico?

However, if this destination is not at the top of your list right now, but you’re still getting set for elsewhere, here are my ‘Top Ten Travel Must Haves’ for travelling… wherever!

1 My Amoyael Ringlet (small bag) with travel documents — be sure to have your destination address written down; cash, passport, a pen, Wet-Ones — for both personal hygienic needs and for wiping down your seat and drop-down tray in the plane; and hand sanitiser at the ready.

2 Mint

3 My glasses repair kit

4 A fabulous hat, of any style

5 Make-up

6 Noise-cancelling Airpods

7 Painkillers

8 Enough change for tips

9 Sunblock!

10 A pair of heels

Despite travel being on the decline, if you have photos and a travel story from a recent excursion, locally or internationally, e-mail for consideration.

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