Tuesday 20 October, 2020

Trend Media launches AMPLIFY

Digital marketing company Trend Media has launched AMPLIFY, a commercial content studio which seeks to enhance digital marketing solutions.

"AMPLIFY is a team of digital storytellers, including designers, producers, and strategists who work as a collective to help brands reach their target through compelling and innovative local narratives."

"This innovative Trend Media product enhances visual treatments and rejuvenates brand guidelines to develop commercial content that enables brands to establish a tactful, multi-platform digital footprint. As a result, AMPLIFY works in tandem with Trend Media’s other advertising solutions and platforms, such as LOOP, a digital news source that encourages collaborations with premium content, facilitating greater reach," the release said.

The company said to date, "a wide range of industries, such as education, banking and finance, telecommunication, tourism, auto, transport, retail and energy, have benefited from AMPLIFY’s digital strategy and storytelling".

"Through a combination of strong strategic communication and social and editorial content, AMPLIFY’s promise to clients is a positive and profitable impact on their business’s bottom line," the release ended. 

Interested persons can contact Trend_Advertising@Trend.Media


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