Friday 27 November, 2020

VIDEO: CHUKKA to turn Harrison's Cave into 'multiple attractions'

CEO of CHUKKA Caribbean Adventures, Marc Melville

CEO of CHUKKA Caribbean Adventures, Marc Melville

CHUKKA is ready to bring 'play' to Barbados in a big way and diversify the offerings at Harrison's Cave to produce numerous points of fun for locals and visitors alike.

Minister of Tourism, Senator Lisa Cummins told the media, "The Cave is about to be transformed not just into a single attraction but into multiple attractions that then help to add value and to add value not just to the Cave itself and to the community but to Barbados' cultural and heritage tourism product. And that is really one of the key elements of the Barbados strategy and the key flagship for Barbados as we go into this new arrangement."


Video caption: CHUKKA CEO Marc Melville shows design concepts for the new Harrison's Cave attractions.

The much-anticipated press conference to discuss CHUKKA managing the Caves of Barbados happened today [November 18] at the Barbados Tourism and Marketing Inc headquarters in Warrens.

Members of the CHUKKA team flew in to speak on the strategy and development planned for Barbados.

CEO of CHUKKA Caribbean Adventures, Marc Melville said that the aim is to work with nature and make the attractions fit within the landscape and ecosystem without bringing harm. Costing BBD $9 million initially to set up, CHUKKA intends to bring zip lining to Harrison's Cave, dry slides instead of using the elevator always, suspended rope bridges, an adult multi-level challenge course, and a children's challenge play area. There are also future plans for a bird aviary and a green monkey interaction type of exhibit as well as bars, restaurants, and a themed-souvenir shop or retail experience. He said that the themed-shop will be "finally fleshed out early next year."

Speaking on what is most critical of the new attractions and where there is the biggest weakness in the current plan, Melville said the children's area, "can't start without it!"

Recognising as well that many locals and repeat visitors have seen the Cave and done the tour before, he said that they will now have new options to explore.

"Imagine you come to Harrison's Cave with your family but then you have some friends from New York, you've been 12 times, you have no desire to go back through the Cave's tour so they go do the Cave tour, you may sit and have a drink or do some other activities or you sit down and relax the whole day and they can spend the time [going from activity to activity]."

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