Saturday 5 December, 2020

VIDEO: Residents appalled at the pothole repairwork done in St Philip

Potholes patched in Mangrove, St Philips.

Potholes patched in Mangrove, St Philips.

"It looks shoddy!"

That's how one resident described the work done by a team from the Ministry of Transport and Works in the Mangrove, Four Roads, Six Roads, Emerald Park areas of St Philip yesterday morning.

Traffic started to back up in the vicinity of Reynold Weekes Primary School as the truck stopped on both sides of the road to patch the craters and potholes along the road.


Video caption: Road works in St Philip.

One resident said:

"How that look? They just getting out the truck, shovelling some of the thing off the back and into the hole and driving off.

"They not even flattening it. God forbid de raid fall now and wash it way."

As cars drove along the roadway they drove over the mix flattening and smoothing the heaps down.

Others quarreled saying that they should roll it and make sure that it is compact and smoothed properly before moving on.

One or two drivers said, "This is not good enough, this piece-piece patchwork thing, this patchwork ain't good enough. They need to do it properly one time. This looks like a waste of taxpayers' money.

"Them need to pave we roads properly."

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