Friday 10 April, 2020

Wellness Wednesday: Reggaelates creator Sienna Creasy’s 10-minute abs

Get 10-minute abs with Sienna Creasy...

Get 10-minute abs with Sienna Creasy...

Almost everyone is at home.

Almost everyone is over-eating and snacking way more than they would were they not in quarantine.

Almost everyone also wants to get in shape. But how do we stay on track while in isolation? Quite the conundrum...

In comes Reggaelates creator, Sienna Creasy, ready to help flatten our curves with a 10-minute ab workout.

Spring and summer won’t meet us or our unfit bodies halfway, and the coronavirus outbreak will not stop the seasons from turning.

If you’ve been trying to achieve tighter abs, Creasy is here to provide you with her free 10-minute ab-defining routine.

(And remember, exercise is as much for the mind as it is for the body).

“Give it a go! Just 10 minutes,” Sienna urged!

“This is a throwback and low budget self-made with love. But a little bit of Reggaelates does the body good,” she wrote in a recent Facebook post that re-introduced the throwback session.

A strong, easy-to-follow abdominal routine…

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