Tuesday 1 December, 2020

World Kindness Day - 10 acts of kindness a Bajan would appreciate

Bajans in a queue to pay bills, (FILE)

Bajans in a queue to pay bills, (FILE)

World Kindness Day is celebrated on November 13 around the globe but what's an act of kindness in one country may not be one in another country.

We say this to say, in Barbados, Bajans would find these 10 actions to be kind and thoughtful.

The year 2020 has not been smooth sailing, in fact for some it has been a year of no sailing, so here are some ways you can brighten a Bajan's today and any other day.

  1. Say "Caaaareful. You okay?" when you see them trip or fall. Somehow, Bajans don't catch you but they are quick to respond after and they always know how to show concern.
  2. When someone is choking, especially a baby, Bajans pat their own chest and say "Ehem, ehem!" It's like they're telling the person to clear their throat. It's the funniest form of helping ever from the Land of People who say Bless you, Save you, Make you a good girl/boy/mother/sister/brother etcetera when someone sneezes.
  3. Hold the door of the store or bank open for them. In appreciation they do a little walk, jog, run, skip thing to get there and not keep you back too long.
  4. Just saying "Good morning" or "Morning" when walking past people, even with your mask on, brightens someone's day.
  5. Ask a Bajan "You good?" You may not mean it, they may not ask you the same, but the sentiment can come across as sweet.
  6. Tell a Bajan "I gine and buy food". They don't want your food, but that is like an invitation to a party for them. "Oh? Part you gine? Let me get my purse. I bring lunch from home but I would still come wid yuh".
  7. Bajans love one question - "Who sweet?" Oh loss yuh could make a Bajan blush with this question.
  8. In a day of $3.50 bus fare, if someone gets up to give you a seat, there ain't a higher form of kindness.
  9. Check the bus stop as you drive by to see if you spot anyone you know, despite the masks. It seems that people who usually pray for lifts or drops home or to work are dying behind these masks. Ask Anderson? IYKYK
  10. Put a Bajan ahead of you in the line. When lines are a huge part of the COVID-19 protocols and people hate waiting, to hear "You can go in front me?" or "You was here first, so go ahead," that is music to a Bajan's ears. Better yet, in the supermarket, the Hallelujah chorus starts up when you hear: "You only got them two items? Guh long!"

Bajans are a special people and yes we appreciate the pleases and thank yous, the gifts and physical tokens of appreciation like people around the world, but if you do a good deed like any of these 10, you are guaranteed to be the "sweet girl" or "sweet boy" that is talked about the nighttime when stories are being shared.

"Youuuuu, today a man hold de door for me in de bank, and then I see Jimmy and he put me infont her in de line to pay de bill, and girl as I step outside Mavis did gine up and spot muh though I had de foolish mask pon muh face. Girl dem ain't lie when de say is better yuh born lucky than rich!"

Happy World Kindness Day!

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