UPDATE: Ministry amends drug recall

In an amended press statement issued moments ago, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has asserted that Natrilix has not been recalled locally. The public is asked to note: "The Barbados Drug Se...

January 05, 2019
Barbados News

Replacement generic drugs delayed

The public can rest assured that the Ministry of Health is not leaving anyone behind as they extend the grace period for patients to receive certain branded pharmaceuticals under the Barbados Dru...

June 30, 2018
Barbados News

Drug Service’s numbers changed

The public is advised that the Barbados Drug Service’s (BDS) PBX and fax numbers have been changed. The new PBX number is 535-4300, while the fax lines are 535-4320 and 535-4342, respectively....

June 13, 2017
Barbados News