Buju Banton

Incarcerated reggae superstar Buju Banton will reportedly be embarking on a major world tour in 2019. The reggae legend’s team announced via social media that he would embark on a tour dubbed “Long Walk To Freedom”. “The anticipation continues to build, looking forward to seeing you all soon. Stay Tuned!” the post read. Donovan Germain, the artiste's close friend andformer manager, said that Buju Banton's first performance will be in Jamaica. "I cannot give any details at this time, but I can confirm that his first show will be in Jamaica," Germain told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills. Dates will be announced in the coming weeks and there will be special guests performing with the singer.Loop News understands that the first show in Jamaica is tentativelyscheduled for March 23, 2019. The “Long Walk To Freedom” tour will be Buju Banton’s first major trek after his release from prison on December 8. He has a show already booked for Trinidad and Tobago in the spring of next year. There is also a show set for March 30th at the Nassau National Stadium in the Bahamas. Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for drug trafficking. He will return to Jamaica after his release. He is a major reggae star , winning a Grammy award in 2011 for his album 'Before the Dawn'. He was previously nominated in the Best Reggae Album category in 2004, and 2010 for his albums Friends for Life and Rasta Got Soul. For the latestnews, download our app athttp://bit.ly/GetALoopJMfor Android; and athttp://bit.ly/GetiLoopJMfor IoS.

Ernie and Bert of “Sesame Street” pose in front of the Queen Mary II in the harbor of Hamburg, Germany.  (AP Photo/Fabian Bimmer, File)

The producers of "Sesame Street" want you to know that Bert and Ernie are not, in fact, gay. Sesame Workshoptweeted Tuesdaythat the characters are best friends and have many human traits but "remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation." In a follow-up tweet, it says "Sesame Street has always stood forinclusion and acceptance." The tweets came in response to an interview published Sunday by Queerty with Mark Saltzman, an openly gay former writer for "Sesame Street." He says that when he was writing scenes with Bert and Ernie, he "always felt that without a huge agenda"they were lovers. Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store:http://bit.ly/GetALoop Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:http://bit.ly/GetiLoop

The new Constitution River Terminal may be a thing of beauty along the River in Bridgetown and it may bring some much-needed order to business and activity at that transportation hub, but it has also brought some headaches and back pains. The shelter is welcomed and with the heat these days it's most delightful when combined with the available seating, but the terminal design has some flaws that have some commuters wanting a better mix of the old and the new. [related node_id='6aa26a3c-b950-4874-8cc5-1153fbb47ccd'] Here are 13 annoyances that have been inherited with the new terminal. 1. There is one main entrance with three turnstiles. It's no longer land in de Van Stand and walk straight into de awaiting van. Forget "Sweet girl you gine home? Come mums I got a seat here for you! Pine, Wildey, Collymore Rock! Silver Hill, Gall Hill, Newton! Maxwell, Hastings, Oistins, Airport! Come, come, I got room fuh you! You want this? She ain't gine up wid you, I bring she down dis marning and she gine back up wid me!" A huge piece of the Bajan Van Stand culture has died. 2. Terminal gate numbers and route numbers do not match. Don't hold your breath and expect to find Silver Hil at gate 10 or Fordes Road at Gate 8. 3. It's a long walk to the minibuses and route taxis now. You may end up buying snacks, drink or some BBQ wings just because you have to walk by allllthe snackettes now. 4. The mazeof handrails by each gate reminds commuters of the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal - a place where many vancommuters avoid like the plague. Now the Ministry has brought the hated style to the beloved River stand. That's how some feel. [image_gallery] 5. No more snoconesbrought to your bus window. THIS WAS A HUGE PART OF THE RIVER TERMINAL CULTURE. R.I.P. The snocone men and woman are now far from the vans on the perimeter. *sigh* 6. No more running to buy a snack quick, quick, quick before the van moves off. Why? See number 3 above! [related node_id='d418ec5d-0276-454c-8d5f-6407516a233b'] 7. There's a drop-off point now. So even Route 6 commuters have to disembark and walk the long walk to get in another Route 6, because the one they came in will have to go to the back of the line unless the Route 6 line is free. *The Ministry dropped the ball on this one because in the Route taxi world, the Route 6 is equivalent to the Transport Board City Circle and those elderly City Circle commuters do not disembark in town with everyone else. They stay seated when the bus pulls into the terminal and up to the gate!* 8. Gone are the days of choosing to fill up a particular, special van first. Top of the line fills first now. No ifs, ands, buts nor maybes! 9. No more dashing to the bathroom. The facilities may have been upgraded but they're a good distance from the vans too. It's a pregnant commuter's nightmare. She'd have to rock like a duck out the van, back through the maze of handrails and up to the top of the terminal, then up the stairs and into the Transport Authority building to find the restrooms. Pray God that the pregnant ladies make it in time each and every time. Amen. 'Cause that could be plenty embarrassing. 10. Gate 8 has three of the most wanted vans so the line is always crowded. Ask Sam Lord's Castle and Bayfield people about the madness. Oh dear, we forgot the third district. 11. There needto be some directional arrows for first-time users. Finding the correct gate is not the easiest necessarily and the announcer isn't speaking every minute. Oh yeah! There is an announcer now. 12. Bye byeto the luxury of having the pushout boy push the groceries all the way to the van and helping you along with the conductor to pack the shopping bags in the van. 13. If you used to wait at the last or second last bus stops on the outskirts of town for the van going into the terminal to secure a seat, like N'Sync 'Baby byebye bye bye bye bye'. Those days are g-o-n-e...GONE! The new terminal may have its wins. but it has some major setbacks too. Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store:http://bit.ly/GetALoop Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:http://bit.ly/GetiLoop

Shelly-Ann Weeks with gynaecologist Dr Michael Abrahams at her book launch.

Author Shelly-Ann Weeks says her second release, ‘It’s My Body. Period’, will create greater understanding around menstruation for girls, parents and society as a whole. The book is a story about a young Jamaican girl named Shelly-Ann as she experiences menstruation for the first time and how she navigates her way through puberty. In the story we meet her family – Mom, Dad and big sister Trudy and how they try to support her while dealing with their own personal issues with periods. The story also features actual information about menstruation that can act as a guide for young girls who are also going through puberty. The book has information about products, complete with instructions on how to use them; it also has tips about how girls can have healthier and less painful periods. Weeks said she can relate to some of the challenges as she had a similar experience as the main character in the book. “Most Jamaica girls experiencing menstruation period for the first time are given a pack of pads and warned not to get pregnant. You know that good intentioned threat: ‘make sure you don’t carry nuh pickney in yah’ or ‘if yuh breed ah kill yuh’,” Weeks said. “I was one of them. I started my period at 11 years old and all I got was a pack of pads and a warning not to get pregnant. The rest of it I had to figure out myself,” Weeks continued. “I did not understand why I felt so strange in my body and I definitely thought that pain was a part of being woman. I wrote this book with my 11 year old self in mind.” According to Weeks, menstruation is still considered taboo and because of that women are often treated unfairly whenever it is brought up. She said, in any office, one can call in sick and openly complain about conditions including asthma, migraine, acid reflux, erectile dysfunction and get responses of empathy and understanding. But if a colleague ever mentions the word period, comments about ‘TMI’ or inappropriateness are made, she said. Against that background, she encourages open discussions about periods. “There is no way around it; we must have open conversations about periods, especially with young people – both girls and boys,” she said. [image_gallery] Having these discussions will help us better understand the body and know how to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy period. Traditionally we have kept men and boys away from menstruation, and this has proven inefficient. If we include males in the conversation early, they will better understand periods and women overall. They will also be more compassionate towards girls and women whenever they are experiencing difficult periods, Weeks explained. “This book is a great first step in starting a journey that will help create more understanding around menstruation. This is not only good for the young girl experiencing her period for the first time, but also her parents who will have a frame of reference wrapped up in a fun, relatable story,” said Weeks. ‘It’s My Body. Period’ is available in Kingston Bookshop, Sangsters Bookstores, Golden Closet, Online at firstinlineja.com and on Amazon. For the latest news, download our app athttp://bit.ly/GetALoopJMfor Android; and athttp://bit.ly/GetiLoopJMfor IoS.

Some of the new faces at Sandals Barbados listen attentively to the presentations made by senior managers during the three day orientation.

Sandals Royal Barbados is living its mantra that to be the best you hire the best. This now that they recently hiredand placed70 Barbadians through orientation for the newest resort in the Luxury-Included chain. [related node_id='b38d42fd-d74e-4033-98a6-465419091d73'] Sandals Royal Barbados opened in December of 2017 with 222 suites and will open another 50 rooms as part of the South Seas Village inOctober, giving the chainthe largest room count - 552 - of any single hotel in Barbados. General Manager of the resort, Ferry Zievinger, explained that these new hires will be assigned to all areas of the resort: “We are pleased once again with the quality and positive attitude of the Barbadian workforce who attended our recent job fair and particularly those who have now joined the team. “These new persons will be placed in every area of the resort from administration to operations and aim to fill the needs of our guests. We are talking bartenders, cooks, front office, watersports - you name it we have added in these departments.” The new employeeslearned about the history of the company, its operational procedures and heard from various departmental heads as to what makes Sandals unique and so globally successful during orientation. And one ofthose new employees,Anica Maynard, felt inspired by the experience: “It was warm and welcoming especially our two trainers. They had me feeling inspired regarding the hotel's way of developing the team members and the session also emphasized the way the team members should respect each other.” Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store:http://bit.ly/GetALoop Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:http://bit.ly/GetiLoop

It is viewed by many as the Emmys of the Travel Industry, and this week Sandals Resorts International swept the Travel Trade Gazette Awards 2018 held at the Lyceum Theatre in London’s Covent Garden. Sandals held off competition from the world’s leading travel industry bodies such as Thomas Cook, Jet2Holidays, Royal Caribbean International, Beachcomber Tours and Celebrity Cruises, and walked away with the three top prizes on offer including the coveted “Travel Company of the Year Award”. Sandals Resorts also scooped awards for ‘Hotel and Resort Operator of the Year’ and ‘On the Road Hero’, which was awarded to Business Development Manager, Neil Read for his outstanding contribution to the Sandals Resorts’ sales team. In the “Hotel and Resort Operator Award’ category Sandals beat back companies such as Elegant Hotels Group, Hard Rock Hotels – All Inclusive Collection, Palladium Hotel Group, Secrets Resorts & Spas and Warner Leisure Hotels to take the top prize. It adds to the long list of accolades which have recognised Sandals Resorts as being the very best in the tourism and hospitality industry. Not only has Sandals been voted World’s Best All Inclusive Company at the World Travel Awards for 23 consecutive years, the resort chain copped the award for ‘Best All-Inclusive Resort Operator’ in January 2018 at the Travel Weekly Globe Awards; it’s 10th win in this category. This means that the UK’s top two travel trade publications have now nominated Sandals Resorts as their number one. The TTG Travel Awards aims to celebrate success by showcasing the highest standards within the UK travel trade industry. The awards themselves are widely regarded as being some of the toughest in the business to win, while the annual TTG Awards ceremony itself is one of the most highly anticipated each year. The majority of all categories are voted for by travel agents and the travel trade, whilst The Travel Company of the Year Award is judged by a specialist panel of senior team members from the TTG Media publishing house, along with other travel industry professionals. Karl Thompson, Managing Director of Sandals Resorts, UK & Europe, said, “We are absolutely delighted to receive all three awards at this year’s TTG Travel Awards – particularly Travel Company of the Year, which is an incredible achievement for the Sandals Resorts brand and for every member of our fantastic team. We are also extremely grateful to all the agents who also took the time to vote for us in the Hotel & Resort Operator of the Year category, as we couldn’t have done it without the support of the trade.” For the latestnews, download our app athttp://bit.ly/GetALoopJMfor Android; and athttp://bit.ly/GetiLoopJMfor IoS.