Weeks after announcing that the 2018 CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival was cancelled, Festival Director Tony Mark has confirmed that the show will go on (again), albeit on a smaller scale. The five local films that were submitted for this year’s Festival will be screened on June 29 at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman ballroom. “I was devastated when we had to cancel CayFilm this year because I felt we were just gaining some momentum as we approached our fifth anniversary. Skipping a year would have been a step in the wrong direction, and I was disappointed that Cayman film enthusiasts would miss out on seeing some amazing movies,” said Mark. “I am so grateful to our new partner PSI-Key Entertainment who basically came in and saved the day, and I can’t wait to see these films on the big screen and celebrate the talent of our local filmmakers,” he added. Mark says he and the team at PSI-Key Entertainment are already working on CayFilm 2019 but for now he’s just happy that this year’s edition of the Festival has been picked back up. The screening on Friday, 29 June takes place at 8pm with cocktails starting at 7pm. Admission is free and open to 300 people only on a first-come, first-serve basis. There will be refreshments and a cash bar. CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival is an annual multi-day spectacular event designed to create new interest and excitement about the CaymanIslands as aworld-class filming destination.

Jamaican dancehall artiste Kranium arrived in Grand Cayman on June 14 ahead of his Friday night performance in George Town. Coming off the heels of what was a well-received performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam in New Jersey, USA on June 10, Kranium is expected to deliver a high-energy set, which some expect to be the talk of the summer. The ‘ Nobody has to know’ hit maker sat down with Loop Cayman on arrival, where he shared with Loop’s Tajae Grey that he was very excited to be in the island for the very first time and promised Caymanian patrons a special treat. The show kicks off at 8:00pm at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville on the Waterfront will be by hosted popular Magnum Kings and Queen’s personality Yanique Curvy Diva. Kranium has collaborations with American artiste Ty Dolla Sign and is currently working on an EP which is slated to drop later this year.

A father met a son he never knew he had 50 years after his son was born, when the two were linked by an Ancestry.com DNA test. Tom Nuveman told "Good Morning America" that finding out about his biological son, Jim Hayes, was "life changing." Hayes told "GMA" that he always knew he was adopted and grew up in a loving Midwestern home. His father was a policeman and his mom a waitress. "I also have an adopted brother," he said. "We talked about it openly." In his 20s, however, Hayes said he became curious about his biological parent and reached out to the adoption agency that facilitated his adoption. "What do you do with initials?" he told "GMA." After months of internet research, Hayes said he was able to figure out that the initials "T.N." stood for Tom Nuveman, a man living in California with his wife of 44 years, Susan, and their two children. Last March, Hayes decided to cold-call his biological father. "Susan picks up," he said. "So I say, 'Is Tom Nuveman there?'" Nuveman added, "He started asking questions ... and we're kind of ... what's happening here?" Hayes said he then asked his father if he was sitting down. "And I said, 'Uh, Why?" Nuveman told "GMA." Then Hayes said, "Well, it shows on Ancestry.com that we have a father-son relationship, and I'm not the father." "He said immediately he didn't know," Hayes said. "He wasn't shying away from the storyline in the conversation, but he was very surprised." Nuveman said he had a brief relationship before he was married, and apparently when he and the woman broke up, she was pregnant but never told him. Eventually, she gave the baby up for adoption. Nuveman and Hayes began talking on the phone frequently for months, but still hadn't met in person. Finally, this April, Nuveman and Hayes along with members of their family and friends all met for the first time. As the father and son embraced for the first time, both grew emotional. "You have a child for 50 years and didn't know about it ... it's kinda like 'Wow,'" Nuveman said. "I'm sorry," Nuveman said. Hayes asked, "For what?" "I don't know," Nuveman added. "Sorry that you had to wait 50 years for this ... I'm speechless." Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store:http://bit.ly/GetALoop Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:http://bit.ly/GetiLoop

Millennials are the least likely to tip of all the generations, a new US report has revealed. According to the poll by CreditCards.com, 10% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 37 routinely leave no tip (compared to just 3% of older adults) and almost a third leave less than 15%. This is unusual in the US, where tipping culture is entrenched (15% is considered the minimum) and waiters and waitresses count on tips to significantly boost low hourly rates. According to the report, if millennials are presented with a variety of tipping options – for example in a coffee shop or when taking an Uber taxi – one in six say they choose the lowest option and almost 20% say they don’t tip at all. They also dislike the idea of tips: more millennials than any other generation would prefer tips to be scrapped and instead folded into listed prices, as in other nations like Japan. About 27% say they favour this option. And while almost 55% of people aged 65 and higher said they tipped 20% or more in restaurants, only 35% of under 30s said they tipped at that level. To be fair, people at the start of their careers traditionally have less money than those who have had time to climb the work ladder. And overall, millennials are less wealthy than previous generations. A report in January 2017 by the US Federal Reserve said millennials were earning 20% less than baby boomers did at the same stage of life, despite being better educated. Education and housing costs have also climbed. The report was based on an online survey of 1,000 adults conducted May 18-20, 2018. Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store:http://bit.ly/GetALoop Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:http://bit.ly/GetiLoop

Deputy Governor Acting, Central Bank of Barbados Mrs. Michelle Doyle-Lowe, belives several developments in recent times have had or will have a significant impact on the financial system in Barbados. The economy she noted, has suffered a further loss of international reserves that require a tightening of fiscal policy and a compression of domestic demand, commercial banks have been asked to increase their holdings of government securities from 10 percent to 20 percent of their domestic deposits, insurance companies with regional cross-border operations have been confronted by significant claims in the aftermath of the severe hurricanes and the accounting standard for provisioning against impaired loans changed as of the beginning of this year. [related node_id='872fbadf-95c4-4f38-847c-3c831a9edcbb'] Also of note is that the Government recently announced the suspension of external debt payments and the intent to restructure domestic debt. She spoke to these developments at the 2018 Domestic Financial Institutions Conference, recently held at The Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. “In particular, the impact of the new provisioning rules and the debt restructuring are uncertain, with the potential to compress the income of financial institutions,” she stated. According to Mrs. Doyle-Lowe, the on-going macroeconomic challenges will require durable solutions for the public finances and the reduction of the debt burden. She stated that they are certainly mindful that these must be achieved while containing the impact on financial institutions, which have a fiduciary responsibility to depositors and investors and which serve the national interest by transforming savings into loans and other investments, in support of economic activity. Also addressing the one day session was Economic Advisor to the Government of Barbados, Professor Avinash Persaud, who spoke on a project that Dominica is working on as that island seeks to become the world’s first climate resilient country. In addressing the topic 'What Does Resiliency Mean and How Do You Build It?' he lauded Dominica for what he called an “ambitious and highly commendable goal,” which he believes is relevant to Barbados given the country's geographical location and size. During the forum, the Central Bank of Barbados launched the 2017 Financial Stability Report prepared jointly by the Bank and the Financial Services Commission (FSC). The report provided an analysis of key financial system variables and examined the ability of the financial system to withstand economic shocks. Anton Belgrave, Acting Director of Research and Economic Analysis at the Bank, in presenting the report said the financial system, though growing slowly, remained stable and is capable of absorbing sectoral shocks.However, there remain potential downside risks to the system performance. To bring down the curtains, Paul Ashby, CEO of Signia Financial, addressed the topic on the topic 'Transformational Leadership: Leading from the Core'. Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store:http://bit.ly/GetALoop Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:http://bit.ly/GetiLoop

The Official Aviation Guide (OAG) has ranked Caribbean Airlines 34th in the worldbased on on-time performance (OTP) for May 2018. The OTP of over 150 airlines was used to determine the ranking. According to the OAG’s monthly Flight Review, Caribbean Airlines OTP for May is 85.6%, based on the 2,693 flights operated by the airline. This places Caribbean Airlines in the top 10 percentile worldwide. The OAG leverages the world's largest network of air travel data to provide accurate, timely, actionable digital information and applications to the world’s airlines, airports, government agencies and travel-related service companies. The OAG’s definition of on-time performance (OTP) is a flight that arrives or departs within 14 minutes and 59 seconds (under 15 minutes) of its scheduled arrival/ departure time. Cancellations are also included. It is trusted for the credibility of the information it publishes monthly and annually and is an IATA Strategic partner. "These latest statistics provided by the OAG, show a marked improvement in Caribbean Airlines’ OTP globally, thanks to the unwavering commitment of the airline’s employees, who consistently go above and beyond, to ensure that its customers arrive to their destinations safely and on time," according to a statement from the airline. Caribbean Airlines operates more than 600 weekly flights to 20destinations in the Caribbean and North and South America. Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store:http://bit.ly/GetALoop Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:http://bit.ly/GetiLoop


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