Kanye West/ Photo: AFP/ Video: Gérard Maxineau

American rap star Kanye West landed in Cap-Haitien (Haiti) this Friday, September 25, to everyone's surprise. Rapper and billionaire Kanye West, 43, has landedat Cap-Haitien international airport on Friday morning.Le Nouvelliste's Gérard Maxineau shared the news on Facebook, first via a post, then in a live video showing West entering the diplomatic lounge. The President of the Republic, Jovenel Moïse, should meetthe rapper and candidate for the American presidential election,in the second city of the country,in the coming hours, according to Maxineau, reached by phone by Loop Haiti's newsroom. The journalist can not give us more details about the objective of this meeting or what will be the subjects of debate between the two characters. After their meeting, the two men should go to Labadee, one of the most knownand visited beaches in the Nord department, then to Ile de La Tortue(Northwest), Maxineau told us. After Naomi Osaka, who has come by surprise Monday for the filming of a Netflix documentary dedicated to her career, Kanye West is the second international star to visit Haiti in less than a week.

Bajan soca queen Alison Hinds wil be among the star-studded line up.

Caribbean soca stars including Patrice Roberts, Alison Hinds,Skinny Fabulous and MrKilla willperform at the first ever Virtual Walk for the Cure and Concert of Hope. There may be no physical Walk for the Cure in Barbados nor in any of the Caribbean territories due to COVID-19, but the awareness won't stop there. [related node_id='baf807bd-598c-442e-96f2-f68b0c9c0029'] For the first time in the nine-year history of the largest walk for a cause for Breast Cancer in the Caribbean,regional bank CIBC FirstCaribbean is takingtake its flagship fundraiseronline. The bank, through promoter 4D Entertainment, willproducethe regional event on October 4that will bring together some 13 popular regional performers and two DJs for a full three hours of entertainment. The event will alsoinclude energetic workout sessions from a number of top fitness coaches. Regional performers include Mr. Vegas from Jamaica; Edwin ‘The General’ Yearwood, Adrian AC Clarke, and Hypa Dawg Lil Rick from Barbados; Teddyson John from St. Lucia, Ricardo Drue hailing from Antigua, and from the Bahamas Julian Believe.King James from St. Maarten and Tumba singer Reinir Lijfrock from the island of Aruba will also perform. Donations can still be made to assist with the cause through TicketLinkz.com. The online programme begins at 4 pm and can be viewed by logging on to Faccebook.com/CIBCFCIB,Instagram.com/cibcfirstcaribbean,YouTube.com/user/CIBCFirstCaribbean, Caribvision and Zoom. -

'It’s possible to be infected with both viruses at the same time,' said Dr Daniel Solomon, an infectious diseases expert. (Photo: iStock)

For starters, it’s impossible to tell without a test. But, the flu and COVID-19 have such similar symptoms, you may need to get tested to know what’s making you miserable. Body aches, sore throat, fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and headaches are symptoms shared by the two. One difference? People with the flu typically feel sickest during the first week of illness. With COVID-19, people may feel the worst during the second or third week, and they may be sicker for a longer period. Another difference: COVID-19 is more likely than the flu to cause a loss of taste or smell. But not everyone experiences that symptom, so it’s not a reliable way to tell the viruses apart. That leaves testing, which will become more important as flu season ramps up this fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Doctors will need to know test results to determine the best treatment. It’s also possible to be infected with both viruses at the same time, said Dr Daniel Solomon, an infectious diseases expert at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. Whether you get tested for one or both viruses may depend on how available tests are and which viruses are circulating where you live, he said. ‘Right now we are not seeing community transmission of influenza, so widespread testing for the flu is not yet recommended,’ Solomon said. Both the flu and coronavirus spread through droplets from the nose and mouth. Both can spread before people know they are sick. The flu has a shorter incubation period — meaning after infection it can take one to four days to feel sick — compared to the coronavirus, which can take two to 14 days from infection to symptoms. On average, COVID-19 is more contagious than flu. But many people with COVID-19 don’t spread the virus to anyone, while a few people spread it to many others. These ‘superspreader events’ are more common with COVID-19 than flu, Solomon said. Preventing the flu starts with an annual flu shot tailored to the strains of the flu virus that are circulating. Health officials would like to see record numbers of people get flu shots this year so hospitals aren’t overwhelmed with two epidemics at once. There’s no vaccine yet for COVID-19, although several candidates are in the final testing stages. Precautions against COVID-19 — masks, social distancing, hand-washing — also slow the spread of the flu, so health officials hope continued vigilance could lessen the severity of this year’s flu season.

Lagoon Cottages have king size beds positioned to face the lagoon and Santa Maria Island, the small, uninhabited piece of land at the lagoon’s center. (Photos: GoldenEye)

There’s good news for Jamaicans and tourists planning to check into the luxurious GoldenEye resort in Oracabessa, St Mary. The upside? You too can live like Bond did for a minimum four-night stay at GoldenEye. The not-so-nice part is that it might set you back a meagre US$2,630. After all, the property is one of the Rock’s wonders, and a celeb-magnet. Dubbed ‘The Ultimate James Bond Experience’, guests can unwind at the birthplace of the greatest spy series ever created – GoldenEye, where all 14 James Bond books were penned. Plus, live like world-renowned author Ian Fleming did when he gained inspiration at the North Coast property in the 1950s. The exclusive four-night experience for two at GoldenEye includes: A private Guided Snorkelling Experience – where guests can explore the beautiful sea below the Ian Fleming Villa like the famed author did in his heyday. A private trip to Firefly, celebrated playwright Noël Coward’s former estate. Tour the famous writer’s old home where he frequently entertained famous guests, including Fleming, and bask in the best view of the Caribbean, cocktail in hand. A complimentary bottle of Bollinger La Grande Annee. Sip on the famous champagne featured in many Bond films that was first mentioned in Fleming’s 1956 novel Diamonds Are Forever. A copy of Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born by Matthew Parker, signed by Chris Blackwell. Learn about Jamaica’s strong influence on the creation of Fleming’s spy series & the connection to GoldenEye. A private tour of Ian Fleming Villa (if available); tour the place where it all began, where all James Bond books were written. Full daily breakfast for two and complimentary cocktail on arrival. Free high-speed Wi-Fi nightly turndown service A flask of Blackwell Rum Travel window: Now to December 19, 2020; booking window: Now to December 15, 2020 Booking is based on double occupancy and subject to availability. Room rate varies by season and additional days can be added at request for an additional price. Package can be added to existing bookings of four nights or more, if requested; the package is not combinable with other promotions. Guests must be nine years old and over to partake of the snorkelling experience. The maximum number of guests the Private Guided Snorkelling Experience can accommodate is six. For groups of seven or more, the experience would be split up into two separate boat trips.

Stationery sales were good.

COVID-19 and the late confirmation about schools' reopening and the chosen approaches led to later back-to-school purchases and influenced what was purchased first and foremost. This is according to the Managing Director of F.W. Woolworth in Bridgetown, Martin Bryan. To Loop News earlier this week, he confessed: "The back-to-school department's sales were definitely less than last year but sales have picked up since parents and guardians know for sure the way forward for school. "We picked up a lot in the last 10 days, so I think, our numbers are still down for sure but the last 10 days for sure, we were busy." And he said that he believes this will be the trend this time around. "I think you're going to see that for the rest of the year. I think because of the limited days of school, parents that are accustomed buying five, four uniforms or whatever, they were buying two. And I think because of COVID as well a lot of people are not working the budget is kind of tight, so instead of buying the four uniforms or three, they might buy one. So I think that's what we're going to see." Asked about their prices in comparison to previous years, Bryan said: "We made a conscious decision to drop our margins cause we recognised that the average Barbadian was struggling, so our margins were lower than they where they were last year, so our prices were better." In terms of what was flying off the shelves though, he shared that "stationery was quite busy though, cause even though you're doing online school you still needed your pens and paper and calculators and so on so that department was quite busy and we had some ridiculous specials in that department as well. For example, composition books, we had two for $5 and I don't think anywhere in Barbados could beat that." However, he admitted, "Bags? Not so much because you don't really need a bookbag to be taking anywhere. So..." But on the flipside, with the Ministry of Education advocating for children taking to school packed lunches where possible, many parents in the store in the bag aisle were looking at lunch bags and lunch boxes.


Barbados will soon have a new law to better regulate its domestic shipping affairs, including the watersports sector. Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy, Kirk Humphrey, yesterday revealed that the proposed Domestic Shipping regulations had been approved by Cabinet and the legislation was being drafted for presentation to Parliament. Humphrey, who was speaking on the sidelines of a prize-giving ceremony at his Ministry on Wednesday, explained that this legislation, along with the proposed Merchant Shipping regulations would, once passed and enacted by Parliament, replace the existing Shipping Act. He explained that there needed to be a clear separation between the two. “In our current [Shipping] Act, there’s some confusion between the requirements for international ships and domestic ships; and it could make it very onerous for our local ships to abide by some of these things. “We also felt it was important that we put in place larger standards for Barbados to be able to achieve,” he added, pointing out that extensive consultations were held with stakeholders in the watersports sector. The domestic shipping regulations include the establishment of marked corridors in the water, using buoys, from which jet-skis and other pleasure craft can operate, thereby reducing the risk of them coming into contact with sea bathers. “We’ve calculated to put down the buoys will cost about BDS$150,000, nearly $200,000. We’re going to put the lanes down on 31 beaches we have identified. We have done so in conversation with the jet-ski and water sports operators. “You’re going to have these designated points where you enter and exit. Let’s say it’s Carlisle Bay, you enter at a particular point and after 150 – 200 meters, then its open ocean. Once you come back in, it’s back into the lane,” the Minister of Maritime Affairsexplained. The regulations would also make provision for the establishment of no-wake zones (areas in which vessels would have to travel at slow speeds); as well as for global positioning systems (GPS) to be installed on these vessels. The draft Domestic Shipping legislation also speaks to ensuring pleasure crafts are being operated by certified individuals. In terms of penalties, a lack of compliance would take the form of a ticketing system, which would see offenders being issued with tickets, with the ultimate penalty being the revocation of their operating license. Humphrey further disclosed that activity in the proposed zones and corridors would be monitored. He explained that while assistance would be provided by the Marine Police and the Barbados Coast Guard, monitors could be employed to further ensure compliance. “We proposed in the legislation the creation of posts for persons whose jobs would be to manage these areas to make sure that people maintain the order that we are hoping to be able to set. For the most part, the watersports operators actually comply with the law, but there are instances where a few make it bad or harder for everybody else,” he said. The Maritime Affairs Minister also pointed out that operators of these vessels were encouraged to set up an association to provide representation for their profession.