Marzville gave patrons of McBride's a Soca Rush

They promised a ‘Soca Rush’ and that is exactly what they delivered. Patrons who flocked to McBride’s in St. Lawrence Gap on June 24 were not disappointed as the nightclub hosted a night of sweet soca. Soca Rush wasone of the first fetesheld after Government easedrestrictions onsocial gatherings. The almost six-hour party was successful in quenching the thirst of party-starved patrons. As each performer took centre stage, the energy was almost palpable. It was clear that, although several artistes took to digital platforms to keep their fans satiated during the shutdown, nothing could replace the magic of live socaaction. Led by Marzville and the Element Band, the night of entertainment featured Jah Reddis, iWeb, Alter Ego and reigning Soca Monarch Mikey. Before iWeb took to the stage Marzville and AltuhEgo warmed the crowd up. iWeb treated those in attendance to some of his well-known tunes before delivering his 2020 release “Love in the Fete”. The man of the night Marzville wet soca appetites throughout the nightclub with some popular hits including Kes’ “Savannah Grass” before Jah Reddis took to the stage for a short but engaging set. Next up was Mikey who delivered hit after hit. His 2020 release “Independent Girl” was well received but it was“Getting it Good” that literally whipped the crowd into a frenzy, with the Soca Monarch even joining them as they danced and pranced. Marzville joined Mikey on stage and together they performed Machel’s, Bunji’s and Skinny Fabulous’ “Famalay”. The song seemed fitting as the dancefloor mirrored a reunion of sorts as partygoers revelled in the live entertainment after more than a month’s hiatus. Several of the other acts took to the stage as they partnered up in an impromptu session of some popular reggae and dancehalls tracks from the likes of Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Capleton andBob Marley. Marzville closedthe night on a high. In his customary style, he entertained not only with the fluidity of his waistline but he touched a variety of genres throughout his performance. He took the crowd through the sensual paces of Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” and brought them right up to more fast-paced songs of his own like “Bang Bim”. The delivery of his groovy 2020 release ended the night on the right note, reminding all present that in spite of the challenges faced, “Life So Nice”.

FILE - In this April 1,3 2013, file photo, actress Naya Rivera arrives at Logo's NewNowNext Awards in Los Angeles. A member of a team searching a Southern California lake for Rivera, the missing TV star, said Sunday, July 12, that he's confident his crew is getting a clearer idea of where in the lake to find her, a magazine reported.  (Photo by Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP, File)

A body was found Monday at a Southern California lake during the search for "Glee" star Naya Rivera, authorities said. The body was discovered five days after the 33-year-old Rivera disappeared on Lake Piru, where her son was found July 8 alone a few hours later on a boat the two had rented, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said. Authorities would not immediately say if the person found was Rivera, but said the day after she disappeared that they believed she drowned in the lake northwest of Los Angeles. A 2 pmpress conference was scheduled. The lake an hour's drive from Los Angeles was searched by dozens of divers working in waters with little visibility, with help above from helicopters, drones and all-terrain vehicles. Rivera played singing cheerleader Santana Lopez for six seasons on the Fox musical-comedy "Glee." If she is declared dead, she will become the third major cast member from the show to die in their 30s. Cory Monteith, one of the show's leads, died at 31 in 2013 from a toxic mix of alcohol and heroin. And co-star Mark Salling, who Rivera dated at one point, killed himself in 2018 at age 35 after pleading guilty to child pornography charges. Rivera had experience boating on the lake in Los Padres National Forest, authorities said. Surveillance video shows Rivera and her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, leaving on the rented boat. When the boat failed to return, its vendor found the vessel drifting in the northern end of the lake late Wednesday afternoon with the boy asleep on board. He told investigators that he and his mother had been swimming and he got back into the boat but she didn't, according to a sheriff's office statement. The boy was wearing a life vest, and another life jacket was found in the boat along with Rivera's purse and identification. Rivera is believed to have drowned "in what appears to be a tragic accident," the statement said. The boy, Rivera's son from her marriage to actor Ryan Dorsey, was safe and healthy and with family members, authorities said. The couple finalized their divorce in June 2018 after nearly four years of marriage. The most recent tweet on Rivera's account, from July 7, read "just the two of us" along with a photo of her and her son.

Bajan food from a stop in Bathsheba. So yummy!

Bathsheba in St Joseph is serene, calming and beautiful. It's a must-see for Bajans and tourists to Barbados. Believe it or not, there are Bajans who have never seen the Tea Cup and Saucer rock in person. On an island of 166 square miles, where at its widest it'sjust five miles longer than the John F. Kennedy International Airport runway in New York, it's shocking that thereare islanders who have not seen every square inch of Barbados. And for this reason, Loop Lifestyle fully endorses 'Aunty Mia's' call for Barbadiansto be Barbados' first tourists. [image_gallery] Barbados saw its first two commercial flights land at the Grantley Adams International Airport today (July 12)since March when COVID-19 grounded air travel besides cargo and repatriation flights. So as the tourists return, the locals need not take their feet off the pedal of safety and explorationbutmust continue to explore what their home has to offer. Bathsheba Ten things to do at Bathsheba 1. Take a photo by the tree with the signs. Leave no litter, only footprints. You'll know it when you see it. 2. Climb the steps of the famous home that was featured on The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera. 3. Skip a smooth rock out tosea. 4. Spread out a towel or blanket and just lie there. Watch the clouds, listen to the waves, do nothing but be! 5. Walk along the shorelinebarefoot. 6. Find a pool and have a dip. HINT: Thebest ones are under the rocks. 7. Watch the surfers or join in the fun safely. 8. At the rum shop at the bottom of the hill, have a ham cutter or try the pickled chicken necks. You read that right. 9. At the roadside restaurant by the shower facilities have fish and pie. You won't regret it. And the lemonade is AWESOME! 10. Watch a sunrise. Photo caption: Did we tell you about that time we stumbled upon a Dirty Dancing 'I had the time of Life' photoshoot with the run, jump and lift at Bathsheba? It took a few tries but they stuck it perfectly in the end! How to get to Bathsheba by bus 1. From the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal in town, take the Bathsheba bus out of Lane 6. This is the Bathsheba bus from Bridgetown. This bus is scheduled to run every hour on the hour. After your excursion, you can take the same bus returning the town. Each trip is BBD $3.50 (USD $1.75) 2. From the Speightstown Bus Terminal on the West coast, take the bus out of Lane 1. However read the bus signs as about five routes leave from this same gate. This bus runs almost every two hours, so check with the desk clerk to confirm the bus times on the day. Each trip isBBD $3.50 (USD $1.75) You can also take a yellow minibus from Bridgetown* Island Tour via Bathsheba Loop Lifestyle is letting you in on our big secret. This is our favourite thing to do when stress levels are high or when we just need some me-time and it's inexpensive. We mean it is CHEAP, safe, fun! If you want to see a huge chunk of Barbados but don't have much time. This secret trick is just for you especially. Take the Bathsheba bus from Bridgetown to Bathsheba and the Speightstown bus from Bathsheba to Speightstown then the Bridgetown bus from Speightstown. In one day, on three buses you will see some of the island's capital City of Bridgetown in St Michael, go through St George and St Joseph then across St Andrew and into St Peter before going along the Platinum West coast through St James and back to St Michael. Barbados has 11 parishes and in one day in less than 10 hours you could touch more than half of those 11. You can get a glimpse of six parishes. And three bus rides onlycostBBD $10.50 (USD $5.25). What an adventuredeal!

Ermine Nzotto, mother of twin girls Ervina and Prefina Bangalo, smiles following a successful surgery. (Photos: AP/Riccardo De Luca, Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital)

Doctors at the Vatican-owned paediatric hospital revealed this week that they have successfully separated conjoined twins. Their skulls were fused back-to-back, an exceedingly rare surgery for an equally rare congenital defect. The twins, Ervina and Prefina Bangalo were born two years ago on June 29, in Mbaïki, a town in the Central African Republic, with their heads attached and sharing critical blood vessels around their brains. CHECK OUT THIS CLIP DOCUMENTING ERVINA AND PREFINA'S JOURNEY Such cases of conjoined twins occur once in every two million births or so. The Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital, which is Vatican-owned but operates within the Italian public health system, brought the twins and their mother to Italy soon after their birth. The hospital said the toddlers are recovering well a month after their third and definitive separation surgery on June 5. Video released by the hospital showed the girls waving along to music from their beds, clapping and holding markers. They were celebrating their second birthday in their mother’s arms as hospital staff sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to them in Italian. [image_gallery] The key goal of the surgery was ‘to obtain a separation with the girls in perfect condition… the objective was very ambitious, and we did everything to reach it,’ said Dr Carlo Marras, chief of paediatric neurosurgery at the hospital. Marras led the team that worked for nearly two years planning and executing the separation. At a press conference to announce the outcome of the sisters’ surgery, Marras revealed the prognosis: ‘these girls can have a normal life’ after a phase of rehabilitation. There have been successful separation surgeries in the past of twins joined at the head, but most have been for twins whose heads were fused vertically, at the top. Ervina and Previna’s skulls were joined back-to-back in what is known as ‘total posterior craniopagus’ (tongue-twister, we know). That made the surgery particularly challenging since the back of the head is a far more critical place for blood supply to the brain and drainage of blood away from it, according to Dr Jesse Taylor, head of plastic surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During his tenure, Taylor has participated in some separation surgeries. ‘It’s one of those configurations that I think a lot of centres, when they see it, say, ‘You know, we’re not sure that this can be done safely,’ he said. ‘The venous drainage tends to be the main limiting step for separability’ in twins connected at the back of the head. He said in typical separation surgeries, doctors can ‘borrow’ some blood vessels to give to each twin. ‘But when it comes to the back of the head, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room for borrowing veins,’ Taylor explained. Marras said that indeed, the most complicated aspect of the Bangalo twins’ separation was to give each child autonomous venous drainage systems — procedures that began with two surgeries in May and June 2019. The final, 18-hour surgery last month to physically separate them involved a team of 30 doctors and nurses, who made use of 3-D imaging and neurostimulators. Before the separation surgery, members of the Vatican hospital’s staff gave the girls mirrors so they could see one another. They knew what each other sounded like, but the mirrors helped them associate facial expressions with their personalities and sounds, Marras said. ‘It was an experience that wasn’t just professional but above all human: To think that you can arrive at something that we had only imagined, with all the possibilities of failure. It was a magical moment…marvellous!’ he said. Marras said there was only one previously known case of a separation of twins conjoined at the back of the head, performed in the US during the 1980s. He said the outcome, in that case, was poor, referring to the 1987 surgery at Johns Hopkins University by a team led by Dr Ben Carson. Both twins suffered serious neurological problems. An Associated Press story from 1989, two years after the surgery, said one of the boys was in a vegetative state and the other had severe developmental delays. In the case of the Bangalo sisters, Marras said the girls so far have suffered no neurological harm. The twins’ mother, Ermine Nzotto, wiped tears from her eyes as she watched a video prepared by the hospital of the twins’ before and after their separation. Nzotto said she never went to school but hopes her daughters would study to become doctors. ‘It’s a joy that I can see my girls run and play like other children. May they tomorrow study and learn to become doctors to save the other children of this world,” she said through an interpreter. She expressed gratitude to Marras, the hospital president and Pope Francis, and said she also hopes that Francis will now baptise her girls. Hospital President Mariella Enoc met the twins soon after they were born during a visit to the Central African Republic and was the driving force behind bringing them to Rome and seeing if they could be separated. She said deciding to do so created ethical and economic questions, since the cost of 1 million euros (US$1.1 million) paid for primarily by the hospital foundation, could have been spent on less-risky procedures that might have benefited more children. But, Enoc said: ‘When you find a life that can be saved, you have to save it.’

The first Victoria's Secret store is now open at Gulf City Mall. Photo via Facebook, Gulf City Mall.

Following a minor delay in its opening, Victoria’s Secret is now ready for business at Gulf City Mall, La Romaine. The first outlet in Trinidad and Tobago which was initially expected to open its doors in April following the opening of Bath and Body Works, was formally opened on Friday morning to an eager crowd of mostly female shoppers. Group Marketing Manager Gervais Dattoo told Loop News there was an overwhelmingly positive response from mall patrons who lined the red carpet ahead of the 10 am opening. Pictured: Gervais Dattoo. Photo courtesy Gervais Dattoo. He reported that customers were adhering to COVID-19 guidelines by wearing masks and physically distancing. Staff is also wearing masks and following sanitisation protocols as set out by the Ministry of health. No more than 10 customers are allowed into the store at any given time. Dattoo said preparing the store and training the staff for its opening was done a bit differently in light of the closure of borders due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. He explained that under normal circumstances brand representatives go to new markets and oversee the training of staff and setting up the store, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, everything was done virtually. “Due to the pandemic and borders being closed, our operations team worked tirelessly to put the store together with the brand’s virtual guidance.” He said the brand conveyed that it is proud of the local team. For shoppers who are yet to visit the store, Dattoo said they can expect to see signature scents like Bombshell, Tease, Rush and more. As with Bath and Body Works, in-store bundles are available on body care items. Customers have the option to purchase one item (single units are priced at $150), or purchase three items (mix and match) and enjoy savings. Customers can mix and matchcore fragrances with body mists and body lotions priced at three for $295. Eau de parfum 50 ml sizes start at $400 while 100 ml are priced $600 and up. The bundle prices are comparable to those offered Bath and Body, which offers mix and match options at three for $275 for 8 oz sizes. Victoria’s Secret fragrance mists come in 8.4 oz sizes. [image_gallery] The new outlet carries a range of accessories including knapsacks, passport holders, wallets, handbags and sleep accessories, including masks which comes in pouches. From Monday to Thursday the store is open from 10 am – 6 pm, from 10 am to 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and closed on Sundays. These times are subject to change, based on the rolling back of COVID-19 restrictions. As of now, there are no plans to open up any additional outlets. First Retail Incorporated which operates the franchise will assess the response from customers before any decision is made on opening more stores. First Retail is responsible for opening 30 fashion franchises and regional stores in Trinidad and Barbados, including ALDO, Skechers and Aeropostale. As for what’s next, First Retail will soon introduce Portuguese women’s accessories brand Parfois at the Falls at West Mall later on in year. The store will be the first in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Gulf City Mall Public Relations Officer Sarah Ragoonath told Loop News it was no surprise that the largest shopping mall in South Trinidad was chosen as the location for the first Victoria’s Secret outlet in Trinidad. “We have over 30 years in mall operations experience so we’re ecstatic that they’re here. We were not surprised that Victoria’s Secret chose Gulf City Mall over the other malls.” Ragoonath said Victoria’s Secret fit perfectly into its new location. “It’s now a woman’s dream to shop as the stores are strategically lined up – perfect for shopping.” The spanking new Victoria’s Secret location is next to the Bath and Body Works outlet opened at the mall in March. Ragoonath said even with the obvious economic impact COVID-19 has had, one would be heartened to see the constant flow of shoppers in and out of the retail stores. To show the mall’s appreciation a live virtual event is being hosted on Facebook and Instagram at 8 pm. Customers have a chance to win prizes from most of the mall’s stores.

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Caribbean Airlines (CAL) has advised that all passengers are required to wear face masks. In a statement on Friday, it said this requirement is compulsory. "We require all customers to wear a face mask/covering throughout their entire journey at all Caribbean Airlines touch-points from check-in at the airport, departure gate areas, jet-bridges and on-board the aircraft for the duration of the flight." [related node_id='ee43da06-66b7-4edc-b527-e5b4af602146'] CAL further warned that customers will be denied boarding if they fail to comply. "This requirement is compulsory. Refusal to comply, shall result in customers being denied boarding by the airline; except in the case of children under the age of 2 years, or adults who have a medical condition which prevents them from using a mask." It added that any special exemptions would need to be endorsed by a medical practitioner and approved by CAL before travel. For further information and guidelines for travel, you can visit the following link on CAL's website: