The sweetest summer festival has officially begun! It was an evening of fun-filled activities for hundreds of patrons who ventured to King George V Memorial Park on Saturday for the First Citizen's Crop Over Opening Gala and Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes. Commencing at 2:00 p.m. the event featured the Haynesville Drummers, Barracks Hill Stilt Walkers, Barbados Landship Association, Royal Barbados Police Band, Dancin' Africa, Pinelands Creative Workshop, Barbados Cheerleading Federation and The Sunshine Dancers who entertained patrons as they excitedly prepared for the parade. Antoine Williams kept the ball rolling with a dramatic presentation entitled "Speechifying" which paid tribute to the festival, highlighting what makes it so special. The Blessing of Canes was done by the Sons of God Apostolic Spiritual Baptist Church who sang hymns to the crowd's delight. Warri, dominoes, road tennis, a kids' zone, arts and craft were also available in various areas throughout the park during the latter part of the evening. Adding to the festivities was the hosting of Q in the Community at the same venue. As the sun set, showers of rain seemed poised to ruin the event but the Royal Barbados Police Force Floodlit Tattoo won back the heart of patrons. Although some left during the early hours of the night, many decided to stay and party in the rain to the likes of Quavier Mix, Sparkle T, Summa, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles, Chad Montplasir, Aziza, Biggie Irie, Gabby, Edwin, RPB, Peter Ram and Lil Rick as they ended the show with a concert entitled "Legends and Legacies Vol.1 Chapter 2", showcasing the best junior and senior calypsonians. For their contribution to the sugar industry, pan boiler Cedric Eastmond and female electrician Francine Belgrave walked away with Crop Over Awards. The traditional King and Queen of the Crop Awards for the most successful male and female cane cutters have been phased out. Tribute was paid to Antonio "Boo" Rudder for his contribution to music, as well as to Coral Bernadine Pollard for her contribution to arts and crafts.Patrons cheered as the late Reggie Cave was highlighted for his contributions to masquerade as well as offering support services to Doctor Elizabeth Mary Rose Ferdinand. During her welcome address and declaration, Chairman of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), Maureen Graham, encouraged Barbadians to take the opportunity to involve themselves in the festival as much as possible, adding that there was something for everyone. "Let us work together to write our story, as we continue to build on a unique Barbados Crop Over Festival brand. In itis is something for everyone. So I hope that you will take the opportunity to enjoy some aspect of the season."

There will be a number of traffic changes in effect when the Crop Over Opening Gala and Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes comes off today at the King George V Memorial Park in St Philip. These changes are as follows: - Between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Ruby Road(in the area of Hilda Skeene Primary School)to King George Memorial Park, will be closed to all vehicular traffic, except to those vehicles driven by persons participating in the Crop Over Opening Gala and Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes Parade and those vehicles used by the Festival Committee. - Between 1:00 pm and 11:00 pmno person shall drive along, park or allow a vehicle to remain stationary on any of the following roads except for the purpose of picking up or setting down passengers:Ruby Road,Lucas Street,Sanford Road,Congo Road,Beulah Road. - Between the hours of 1:00 pm and 11:00 pm, Ruby Road from its junction with Eastbourne Road to its junction with Lucas Street shall be one-way going in a northern direction. - No person shall park or allow a vehicle to remain stationary along the emergency route or the alternate route except for the purpose of picking up or setting down passengers. Emergency route includes Ruby Road, and proceeds along Work Hall Road, Stroude Land Road, Sterling Road, Six Roads, Marchfield Road, Brereton Road in the parish of St. Philip; Windsor Road, Highway 5, Boarded Hall Road, South District Road in St George; Mapp Hill Road, Government Hill, Welches Road, Belmont Road, Martindale’s Road to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Saint Michael. The alternate route commences at Ruby Road, and proceeds along Lucas Street, Congo Road, Farm Road, Six Roads, Highway 6A, Highland, Foursquare, Woodbourne in St Philip; St. Patrick’s, Searle’s Road, Newton, ABC Highway in Christ Church; Wildey, Collymore Rock, Martindale’s Road to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in St Michael.

Rapper and actor Christopher 'Ludacris' Bridges, known for a deep catalogue of hip-hop hits over a seventeen-year career and as a cornerstone of the Fast and Furious franchise, is on vacation with his wife Eudoxie in St Lucia. Ludacris and wife have been chronicling their vacation on Instagram. Eudoxie captioned one photo as "My happy place is with him. #parentsgetaway ❤️". The couple share a daughter Cadence, born in 2015. The pair are staying at the renowned Jade Mountain hotel in Soufriere and have shown off their excursions on beautiful beaches and in the Sulphur Springs. Check out the gallery below: [image_gallery]

How much milk do you think is in your almond milk?

A raft of new dairy substitutes are turning up on supermarket shelves, but in part four ofHealthy or Hoaxwe ask: can they really be called milk? On the surface almond milk is a pretty innocuous, even healthy, alternative to dairy milk. But the name - those two words 'almond' and 'milk' - raiseall sorts of questions. For example, how do you milk an almond? Even the best Kiwi cockie wouldn't be able to tell you where to put the cups. The fact is, almonds make up less than two percent of the average carton on the supermarket shelf. What's more, technically it can't even be called milk. Liggins Institute chair David Cameron-Smith says almond milk is, instead, a manufactured product. "Milks as they're strictly defined as the product of mammalian reproduction and maternal care and so milk should really only apply to the secretions of mammals. "Almond milks and the other milks that you can buy on the shelves are just simply white fluids that are given the name milk and they are not technically milks." However, demand for dairy was still rising too, she says. Food writer Niki Bezzant says demand for dairy milk alternatives is a growinginternational trend, with the global marketset to reach $19.5 billion by2020. "[Almond milk] is, in a way, more processed than dairy milk, it's got to be because to get milk out of almonds is not a natural thing." Almond milk, and other milk substitutes, were often sweetened and were low in nutrients, unless they're fortified, Bezzant says. "If you're lactose intolerant then yes, it's good for you, because it's helping you not to have these unpleasant symptoms that you get from dairy." And if you're not? "It's not bad for you, but you're not necessarily getting the nutrients that you would get out of dairy milk." Consumer food writer Belinda Castles said almond milk was a triumph of marketing - far and away it's biggest ingredient was water. "Some people would be quite horrified that some products only contain 2 percent almonds... if you made almond milk yourself, you'd get up around 12 percent, maybe18 percent." So how do manufacturers get away with calling it 'milk'? Castle says it's because there's no particular food standard covering that. What the Australia-New Zealandfood standardsdo say is that "plant-based milk alternatives" are usually only able to match milk for nutrientsby adding vitamins and minerals. What's more, "If beverages like almond or rice beverages are a regular part of a young child’s diet, other food sources of protein and energy need to replace the protein and energy otherwise provided by milk". Castle recommends having a good look atthe nutrition panel on the back of the carton to check for yourself. As part of a balanced diet, there's nothing to fear; Cameron-Smith says almond milk'sunlikely to do any harm. "But it's certainly not going to be the panacea for a healthy lifestyle." Healthy or Hoaxis a RadioNewZealand podcast series looking into the latest exercise, nutrition, and well-being fads to see whether there's any evidence to back up their claims. Hosted by Carol Hirschfeld.

Managing Director, Retail and International Business, CIBC FirstCaribbean, Mark St. Hill (left) signs the agreement  while Chairman of the FirstPartnership Teresa Mortimer (second left) observes while Vice Chairman David Massiah (third left) signs on behalf of the unions, Managing Director Human Resources, CIBC FirstCaribbean, Neil Brennan (right) observes.

Twelve years after signing the first historic document, CIBC FirstCaribbean and members of 11 regional trade unions recently initialled a second FirstPartnership Principles Agreement. The signing took place during a two-day meeting of bank executives, managers, staff delegates and union leaders at the Hilton Hotel on June 22 - 23, 2017. The FirstPartnership Principles Agreement was first signed in 2005 and remains the only one in the financial services sector in the Caribbean. The unique agreement sees the signatories committing to follow a set of principles which will guide them in their engagement. It also outlines the roles and responsibilities of the parties and their behaviours. CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Chief Executive Officer Gary Brown writing in the forward to the document said the bank was “fortunate to have a document like the Partnership Principles that has helped and will continue to help guide us when resolving issues affecting our people”. “That we have been able to come together to develop and agree on such principles is a testament to the professionalism and spirit of cooperation of all parties. I look forward to continuing the dialogue between the members of the Partnership and to the many years of productive interaction that will benefit our employees, our company, our shareholders and all the clients we are in the business to serve,” he added. Managing Director, Human Resources, Neil Brennan, who signed on behalf of the bank, said, “Through the principles of the agreement CIBC FirstCaribbean has been able to collaborate with its Trade Union partners to navigate through some turbulent times, make some significant changes to the organization and the way it operates, to build a stronger, more successful bank”. A section of the delegates attending the two-day FirstPartnership meeting at the Hilton Hotel, Barbados. Also signing on behalf of the bank was Mark St. Hill, Managing Director, Retail and Business Banking who noted that through the partnership the bank hoped to “continue to deliver growth for the bank, its employees and customers. It is for the mutual benefit of our employees, our company, our shareholders and most importantly, the clients we serve.” Chairperson of the partnership and president of the Bahamas Financial Services Union, Theresa Mortimer, said the partnership document demonstrated a commitment by the bank and the trade unions to work together to maintain a stable industrial relations climate within the financial services sector. She was supported by vice chairman and General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union David Massiah who hailed the agreement as one developed by Caribbean people which demonstrates “how important it is for this partnership of employer, employee and unionsto be working together”. The trade unions which are signatories to the newest agreement are: •Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union •Bahamas Financial Services Management Workers’ Union •Bahamas Financial Services Union •Banking, Insurance & General Workers Union of Trinidad •Barbados Workers’ Union •Bustamante Industrial Trade Union of Jamaica •Commercial Technical Allied Workers’ Union of St Vincent •Federation of Financial Unions (formerly Bond di EmpleadonanBankario I Aseguro (BEBA) – Netherlands Antilles (St Maarten) •National Workers’ Union of St Lucia •National Workers’ Union of Grenada •Waterfront and Allied Workers’ Union of Dominica

Marlon Waldron, newly elected President of the Barbados International Business Association (BIBA).

Marlon Waldron of AMA Management Company Ltd. has been appointed as President of the Barbados International Business Association for the 2017 - 2018 period. He succeeds Gregory McConnie in the role. Waldron's appointment came during the BIBA Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 22. The new board for 2017-2018 is as follows: President– Mr. Marlon Waldron 1st Vice President– Ms. Julia Taggart 2nd Vice President– Mr. Derrick Cummins Treasurer– Mr. Trevor Burke Secretary– Ms. Melanie Jones Directors areElliott Barrow, Janice Burke, Connie Smith,Dominique Pepin, Tara Frater, Natalia Burke, Chris Evans.


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July 01, 2017

St. Bartholomew's Church Flea Market

The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 1st July, 2017 from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. with stall spaces available at a cost of $50.00.